Massachusetts, where the original colonists settled, is proudly boasts over 250 public-access golf courses and at least a hundred private or semi-private courses. There has always been something pleasantly different about the Old Colony State, and that difference is exemplified in its golf courses.

Throughout the state, courses blend beautifully with the natural landscape, providing the relaxing pleasant environment that makes golf such a great game in the first place. Each course or club’s distinct features are best tasted and savored first-hand. From the historical Boston area, and on across the state (and its nearby neighbors,) rich rewards await those who take the time to explore, and that’s what makes for a truly great golf vacation destination. In a place like Massachusetts, you’re free to meander amongst the many courses, enjoying the journey. There are plenty enough selections available to make some favorite return destinations, while allowing for further exploration next time. From the verdigris hills in springtime, through the comfortable summer months and on into autumn’s riot of sylvan color, the Bay State makes for a great golfing vacation.