New York

The nickname "Empire State" was given to New York in honor of her wealth and diverse resources. Sharing borders with Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Canada, New York State is indeed some of the most beautiful and diverse countryside in the nation. The name holds true today in golf as well. New York has the #3 and #6 spots for best courses – both public and private -- in the nation! So next time you’re in a New York state of mind, be sure to bring your clubs with you. New York is one awesome golf vacation destination!

What spurs these courses to such greatness? Is it the landscape itself? While New York does have fertile soil and natural beauty, much terraforming occurred to create these courses. Yet there’s a certain something, some inexplicable, indescribable element that these courses share that challenges you to earn your right to stand with those who have played there before. When you do you’ve earned bragging rights and your own place there amongst them. Perhaps that is what makes New York is a great golf state, and a great golf vacation destination.