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When a state is as rich and diverse as California, it’s neither secret nor guesswork that the state is an incredible place for golfing. From places like Southern California’s golf Mecca of Palm Springs, all the way north to the Oregon border, and from the coastline all the way east, you’ll find several hundred courses.

Trying to describe so many courses would be an exercise in futility, so what we’ve done here is broken the state down into regions. Most already know that there’s basically Northern and Southern California, with their very distinctively different perspectives and climates, but even greater segmenting is necessary to represent the great game of golf properly.

Palm Springs and the wealth of PGA tour spots such as La Quinta's PGA West and the Quarry

are found within the desert region of Southern California, under 2 hours’ drive from Los Angeles or San Diego Larger airports which support the greater region are LAX, the John Wayne airport near Long Beach, Burbank, and the Ontario airports. From there, commuter flights, limo, car rental, Super Shuttle and other ground transportation can be arranged to take you into the general Palm Springs area.

Los Angeles itself sports many courses all across its hundred-mile diagonal territory. Several courses can be found in most every region, from the San Fernando Valley into the city itself, and points south into Orange County, and Disneyland. To the east, on one’s way to Palm Springs is the Redlands area and San Bernardino.

Heading north out of L.A., there are many golf courses and resorts, from Thousand Oaks, on up the 101 to Santa Barbara, or up the inland route. Santa Barbara itself has six championship 18-hole courses which are public, four private, eight driving ranges and three public 9-hole courses. Utilizing the natural rolling hills and seaside terrain, they’re consistently challenging and appealing, enjoying year-round comfortable temperatures and coastal beauty.

Continuing up the coast we find San Luis Obispo (which has its own Golf Trail) and break into the beginnings of the wine country. More courses line the shorelines around the Monterrey Bay from Pebble Beach to Santa Cruz and everywhere between. Further along the way we end up in the South portion of the greater San Francisco Bay area, which boasts no less than 40 courses all by itself! The northern third of the San Francisco area has another sixty or so courses and the eastern portion another fifty. That’s over 140 golf courses in the San Francisco Bay area alone! The more remote (and picturesque) Northern California area sprawls out with nearly a hundred more courses, as does the Sacramento area. Even the inland San Joaquin Valley has 50… and one quickly comes to realize that there will be a golf course near just about every destination in California!

Whether you’re a beginning golfer or literally a pro, California has a plethora of golf courses for you. Just pick a spot, choose your destination on the left, and then enjoy!