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Hartford proper surprises with only 3 courses, all of them public, for a total of 45 holes. At first glance that might be disappointing, but that’s just the city proper. Avon, Northwest of Hartford and still within the same county, has 5 courses of its own, 4 of them private. The surrounding towns, burbs and burgs make up the difference in this hilly woodlands area. In a state that small, (4845 square miles,) that means there’s going to be a golf course every 15 square miles or so; you can’t much throw a stick – you can’t drive more than about 15 minutes without going past at least one golf course on the average, in the state of Connecticut.

It’s not all about quantity in Connecticut either. The Great River Golf Club, which ranks amongst the best public courses in the US, is found in Milford, CT. The prestigious Ivy League Yale University’s course in New Haven, CT is not public, but remains accessible amongst friends of students, faculty and alumni. The Grassy Hills Country Club in Orange, CT is a public course with very reasonable fees, and needs no apology. All in all, you’ll find that the golf courses in Connecticut are top-notch in design, facilities and amenities. As to convenience, nearly a hundred public courses are found along the Connecticut portion of I-95 alone!