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North Central Florida

Includes Cedar Key, Gainesville, Lake City and Tallahassee.

This stop on our virtual tour of the Florida golf circuit features the North Central part of the state. We're moving further east from the Northwest region, out past Panama City. It bears repeating that there are so many golf courses in this golfer's paradise that there's literally an average of more than one per mile as one travels on across the state! With over 900 golf courses in a state, there's something for everyone. Another plus: with this many golf courses in one place, you're bound to find discounts on everything that has to do with the sport. There are specialty shops offering deals on clubs and balls, fees. instruction, resort stays... If it involves a club and a ball, Florida has it waiting for you!

We'll pick the trail in Tallahassee (which just happens to be the capital of the great state of Florida.) Appreciation of Tallahassee's beauty goes back a long ways. People have inhabited the area for some 10,000 years! You'll revisit the pristine beauty that drew them to the North Central area of Florida as you play on rich dense courses, over terrain that seems to be divinely designed for the game.

There are several courses in the Tallahassee area, both public and private, including the Jake Gaither course, Players' Country Club, Cross Creek, Capital City, Hilaman Park, and Killearn Golf and Country Club, and the widely acclaimed five-star Southwood Golf Course, just to name a few. Some of these courses offer discounts for various associations and circumstances, so be sure to ask if you qualify for better rates. With as many golf courses, shops and pro shops as there are in Florida, the competition is fierce, an added value to your golf vacation!

Lake City

The next stop is Lake City. Executive courses abound, offering a wide variety of 9-hole fun. When you're ready for the full play, Southern Oaks Golf Club, a public facility, provides 18 regulation holes at very reasonable rates. Rated at four stars by those who've played there, this Williard C. Byrd designed course first opened in 1970. Thanks to the efforts and investments by the city, it's a shining example, with it's 72-par 6784 yards earning a 73 rating and a 135 slope rating. You'll enjoy being challenged at Southern Oaks. Be sure to take the time to visit some of the pro shops. Did you know that Southland Golf Cars' is right there in Lake City as well? While you're tasting the local fare, you won't want to miss the Swanee River Valley course in nearby Jasper either!


Where Lake City was full of Executive courses, picturesque Gainesville goes the opposite direction in providing you with a world of 18-hole golfer's delights, both public and private. Everyone can enjoy playing at Ironwood and Meadow Brook. Private clubs include Haile Plantation, Gainesville Golf and country club, and een the University of Florida's course. There's a decent sized airport as well, so if you want to fly in, you'll be quite welcome!

Cedar Key

Cedar Key takes us back to the Gulf coast, and at one beautiful turn, to boot. This is near the famous Crystal River, where the rare and fascinating manatee are often found. The town itself is due Southwest of Gainesville, at the end of Highway 24 and then the rest of the way southwest on SW Creek 347 til you find saltwater. The lion's share of the courses are actually found a bit closer to Crystal River, and Dunnellon, west of Inverness. What fine Scottish names to add to the promise and flavor! But the proof's still in the pudding, isn't it? Plantation Inn and Golf Resort is a charmer, as are the Chiefland Golf and Country Club, the famous El Diablo Golf and Country Club, Williston Highland Golf Club, Rainbow Springs... to name just a few of the many truly delightful courses that North Central Florida has to offer!

No matter where you visit in Florida, you're certain to find great golf courses to play on, and a plethora of shops offering you deals to make it all even sweeter. There's no time like the present to become better acquainted with some of the many courses awaiting you at one of the golf vacation destination of the country! Traveling with your family? Tell them to pack their suitcases as well, because there's no end to all the wholesome, fun family activities (besides golf) in the North Central Florida region! Start the day off with 9 of your favorite holes, then head on down to the coast and spend some quality time that afternoon with the family, on the warm, pristine beaches at Crystal River. Take the time to take in all that North Central Florida has to offer. You'll be very glad you did!