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Northeast Florida

Includes Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Palm Coast, Point Vedre Beach and St. Augustine.

When considering Florida golf destinations, the Northeast region of the state is often overlooked. Just a bit off the beaten path, Amelia Island, Fernanda Beach, Jacksonville, the Palm Coast, Point Verde Beach, and St. Augustine are amongst the string of coastal gems to be enjoyed. The region is so dense in courses that it's literally one long, continuous string of great golf destinations running along the coastline and off of I-95. Northeastern Florida is made of the same awesome terrains and locations that give us some of the very very best courses in the nation!

Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach

We'll begin this leg of our journey at the top, near the Georgia state border, taking highway 200 off of I-95, all the way east to the Atlantic ocean's shores. Fernandina Beach and its sister, Amelia Island, are there, just barely within Florida. The island is divided from the mainland by wetland estuaries, deltas formed by the winding rivers as they make their way to Nassau Sound. You'll find more courses in this miraculous region than you could play on an entire vacation! There's a long list of them, public and private, including Long Point Golf Course, Amelia Links, Golf Club of Amelia Island, Ferandina Beach Golf Club, Amelia National Golf and Country Club, the Golf Club at North Hampton. What's more, just across the border and into Georgia, you'll find treats like Laurel Links and Osprey Cove Golf Club... Of course, these courses have pro shops, and the area has several specialty stores to provide the golfer with deals on everything he needs! Taking the family with? Great! The area is rich, steeped in history as well as natural splendor, and several state parks. There's no shortage of things to see and do – for a golfer and for the entire family! Be sure to put Amelia Island on your itinerary!

Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, and Point Vedre Beach

Travel just a bit further south down I-95, and you'll find yourself in Jacksonville. Both Jacksonville and nearby Jacksonville Beach carry on the feel and trend of the region. There's a large Naval Station, as well as trains and shipyards that make good use of the extensive waterways... and immerse guests in extraordinary terrain that's simply perfect for our favorite game! Mill Cove Golf Club, Hidden Hills Country Club, Deercreek, Deerwood, Pablo Creek Club, Windsor Parke, Marsh Landing... TPC at Sawgrass and the Sawgrass Country Club, Point Vedra, Selva Marina Country Club., Jacksonville Beach Golf Course, St. John's, Cimarrone... the list goes on and on. What's clear from all of this is that the northeast region of Florida is very serious about golf and golfers! Perhaps that's because the terrain and climate are so idea for the game. While standing on a course, if you look out across the Atlantic, it's all too easy to imagine yourself on the other side, enjoying the lush green of Scotland, where golf was born. And yes, again, there's so much to do and see, from the Anheuser Busch Brewery to Guana River State Park.

St. Augustine and Palm Coast

Our last two stops as we head south within this region are Saint Augustine and Palm Coast. St. Augustine is home to the World Golf Village (and hotel) at St. John's Convention Center. As is the case throughout the region, one simply travels from one wonderful course to the next, a string of pearls. That string includes the Royal St. Augustine Country Club, Slammer and Squire Golf Club (at World Golf Village,) Palencia Club, the Marsh Creek Country Club (and nearby Anastasia State Recreation Park,) St. Augustine Shores Golf Club, St. John's Golf Club, the Grand Club's Matanzas Course, the several courses at Hammock Dunes, situated right on the Atlantic ocean... Once again, simply too many incredible courses to list (or play) them all! As you follow that string on down, you'll find yourself passing Marineland, several state recreation areas and state parks, and Palm Coast. Continue on any further, and the string will take you right on into the Central Florida region, starting up in Daytona Beach!

By now you're probably starting to get the picture. This northeastern part of Florida, situated along the Atlantic seaboard, offers more for golfers than just about anywhere else in the country! Whether you're a visiting businessman, a snowbird down for the winter, a new resident or someone new to the game, you'll be amazed at the caliber and beauty of these courses. The views are tranquil and pleasant all year around, as the Atlantic's waters maintain comfortable climates. It's almost as though this area was made with golf in mind! Whether you're coming just for the golf or on a family vacation, there will be plenty for everyone to do, kids and grown-ups of all ages alike! This year, treat yourself to a truly exceptional golf destination. You're certain to be back time and time again, adding more courses to your memories and replaying old favorites. Maybe you'll be amongst the very few who can say they've played them all!