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Golf Georgia

Georgia is so dedicated to the game that they have EIGHT State Park courses across the state! There’s the Creek in Hard Labor Creek State Park, which offers up 18 championship holes. Then there are 18 championship holes in the steep rolling hills of Highland Walk at Victoria Bryant State Park. Give the lakeside Arrowhead Point’s 18 holes a day of your trip when you visit the Richard B. Russell State Park. Check out Willard Byrd’s Meadow Links golf course, inside the George T. Bagby State Park & Lodge. The pacific Georgia Veterans’ Memorial course, which can be found within the state park by the same name, is a stop on the SAM Short line railroad and offers lodging, as do some of the other state parks. The Little Ocmulgee State Park & Lodge offers the Wallace Adams Golf Course. The Lakes Golf Course, within the Laura S. Walker State Park (near the Okefenokee swamp area) provides a waterway course that will keep you on your toes while you enjoy the glories of nature. Though Brazzel’s Creek offers only 9 holes, this course may be exactly what you need if you haven’t the time to spend on 18. Located within the Gordonia-Alatamaha State Park, it remains worthy of mention. ALL of these state park courses are an incredible bargain, currently under $40 for 18 holes, cart included, they represent some of the most worthwhile and affordable golf vacation destinations in the country.

The Georgia State Golf Association (GSGA) claims over 360 golf clubs and 85,000 individual members (member clubs including public, semi-private, and private, military and resort golf courses.) They review and rate new or changed courses with laser-precise measurements and recheck existing ratings every five to seven years. USGA standards are applied and enforced. Scratch and Bogie players will find these ratings and the Slope Rating valuable as they appraise a potential course as a vacation destination. The GSGA also provides online forms, competition information (for GSGA tournaments only) and a wealth of information. Their scholarship programs help students while improving the scientific aspects of the game, such as turf grass development. Such an active and involved association is yet another sign of the caliber of golf in Georgia.