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Golf Maine

Kennebunk Beach’s venerable Webhannet Golf Club was built over 100 years ago. Originally nine holes, it has sported a full 18 since 1925. This private course is open to the public on a limited basis.

When in Poland Spring, be sure to take in one of the best resort bargains around. The first golf course in the country to be built at a resort, shots from these tees include vistas such as the White Mountains for their backdrops. A comfortable, fast course with tees for different levels of experience and ability, this resort makes the top 100 list of places to stay and play.

Understandably, there are more 9-hole courses amongst the 140 total offered in Maine than there are 18-hole courses. Rather than seeing this as a deficiency, one can honestly recognize it as an opportunity to play a broader set of richly rewarding courses in this truly marvelous landscape. Nine holes may very well find you enjoying taking the views so much that it literally takes all day. With such magnificently serene beauty to take n at every shot, it’s certain to take longer to play nine holes in this incredible state than in many other destinations. Some of them have a feel which is reminiscent of Jolly Old, while others will make you mindful of the riot of colors that is Aspen in the fall. If ever there was a James Herriot country in the U.S., Maine is surely that place.