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Though it’s called the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," that’s selling Minnesota short by another twenty percent. The North Star State actually has 12,000 lakes and nearly 600 golf courses in the beautiful places between them. We all know how important water is to a golf course. The mighty Mississippi River itself begins amidst the waters of Minnesota. Just imagine the splendor such land would produce, the courses it would inspire men to create.

Pick a road, any road, as you drive through this wonderland, and you’ll find courses on it. We’ll start with the Brainerd Golf Trail. Designated one of the Top 50 Golf Destinations In The World by Golf Digest, this region has 450 lakes and the entire Golf Trail is within a 45 minute drive! Treat yourself to such incomparable destinations as Craguns Resort. Actually a collection of courses, one has FIFTY-FOUR holes! Comprised of 43 courses in all, Brainerd Golf Trail is a golf vacation destination all by itself.

Though the top three volley for position amongst themselves, Giants Ridge deserves special recognition. Golf Digest’s Ron Whitten dubbed The Quarry “The Best Golf of the 21st Century.” Golf World calls Giants Ridge one of the top six golf destinations in the entire world. The Legends received 4.5 star ratings from Golf Digest two years in a row. Credentials like that speak for themselves, words of promise that just can’t be ignored or denied.

The entire state is truly spectacular, bestowed with a natural state that’s nearly surreal in its pristine beauty. Wetlands nurture both fairway and green as they provide a challenge all their own. The azure beauty of the lakes themselves also hold a double-edge to your game. Minnesota’s woodlands redefine the concept of sylvan grace, and the courses are carved into that splendor by masterful, loving hands. Make Minnesota your golf vacation destination this summer. Once is all it takes to keep you coming back.