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Twin Cities

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis / St. Paul hold a nearly overwhelming golfer’s delight—well over 150 golf clubs in the same small town metro area. The Minneapolis Golf Club is ranked #7 in the state. Back in 1916, five men began the club as the third in the the city, coincidentally the same year that started the PGA. Designed by two Scottish architects in two separate stages, the course maintains its classic beauty and influences even today. Willie Park Jr. performed the initial sculpting, based on his philosophy that the course should give the player a chance to warm up a bit before pressing him. Four years later, Donald J. Ross would contribute, revising the routing to accommodate the relocation of the clubhouse and adding a bit more danger to overshooting. In 1959, the MGC hosted the PGA Championship. A delightful course, build upon a long line of private tradition, the charm of this course is reserved for the decidedly affluent and their guests, yet it distinguishes the state and sets a high standard for aspirations.

It would be impossible to cover golf within Minnesota without bringing up the #1 spot in the state, Interlochen. In fact, Minnesota has 5 of the top 100 in the country within its own top 10! Interlachen Country Club, the Hazeltine National Golf Course, and The Quarry at Giants Ridge make up the top three. Yet again, those three courses could be a golf vacation in their own right.