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Three of the top ten courses in the Magnolia State make the Top 100 cut from Golf Digest Magazine. Starting with Old Waverly Golf Club in the #1 position and on through Timberton at #10, the southern charm and warmth of Old Miss’ golf courses earn the entire state a special place in our hearts.

Get used to casinos in golf resorts. The notion seems to have caught on well in Mississippi. Have no fear. They’ve managed to garnish both properly; the golf courses are no afterthought, and the Golf Coast Golf Trail is determined to prove it. From east to west along I-10 and the Gulf coast, Golfing shines on, and even Katrina couldn’t keep it down.

Four-star courses like Diamondhead Country Club (The Pines). This 1970 Earl Stone designed course is set on in an extraordinarily full service country club. Along with the Cardinal Course, this two-course club offers facilities few other clubs can boast of, including tennis, yachting, a marina and a 3800 ft. runway (although FBO services are discontinued at this time.) Open to groups and individuals, it continues to earn the praises heaped upon it. Situated halfway between Mobile and New Orleans, Diamondhead began as a simple development along I-10 an don the St. Louis Bay in the 70’s and has grown into an unincorporated town with over 100 miles of roads and more than 9000 residents. They’ve been doing a lot right all along, and it shows. Places like this make a golf vacation comfortable and pleasant, fulfilling their promise while providing a base from which to tour the many other courses in the area.

Places like Old Waverly Golf Course, in the east central portion of the state, seems more of a rolling majestic estate than any sort of club. Deserving its prestigious position as one of the top 100 in the nation, Old Waverly’s course is built around Lake Waverly (yes, you CAN fish there) and on the notion of offering a slow grace and elegant southern hospitality usually afforded only to the gentry. Their school’s philosophy is commendable, quoted as “Don't just tell me. Tell me when and why.” VJ Trolio is dedicated to helping you improve your game. He’s the inventor of the Putting Arc, a tool used by some 60 PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour, as we; as European golf pros. Three days under his tutelage are sure to make a positive impression on your game. Old Waverly is just one amongst the many examples of why you should make Mississippi your next golf vacation destination.