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The heartland of America, Nebraska’s wildlife is a treasure chest of natural beauty. One of the few places where upland game birds remain abundant, that abundance is measure and indication of the pristine state of the rolling hills you’ll be golfing in. If you haven’t thought of Nebraska as a golf vacation destination before, you’re about to be surprised.

Nebraska has three courses ranked in this prestigious top 100: The Sand Hills, and Firethorn Golf Clubs, and the public Wild Horse Golf Club. With only 10 states getting more than 3 of the top 100 the notion of golfing in Nebraska begins to gather appeal. Sporting over 230 courses for only 1.7 million people statewide, you’ll find state-of-the art championship courses absent of pressure and attitude. All in all, Nebraska moves quickly from a pleasant surprise to an unexpected delight. The Cornhusker State may have been one of golf’s best kept secrets, but word is getting out fast!

The Bayside Golf Course, Cross Creek Golf Links, Heritage Hills Golf Course Meadowlark Hills Golf Course and the Wild Horse Golf Course are all close enough to each other to qualify for a package of very affordable golf and lodgings in western Nebraska.

Amongst the reasons why Nebraska is such a fantastic golf vacation destination are the prices and the friendly people. Almost all of the courses are under $50, the most expensive coming in at $80. Even the ominous “Country Club” designation is a bit friendlier in Nebraska. 58 of the 76 country clubs are open to the public. Bottom line is that you’re flat out getting more high-quality bang (and holes) for your buck.

Now that you know, you’ll want to be sure to include Nebraska in your list of golf vacation destinations. It’s reason enough to take the car next time and give yourself an extra week to play some of the wonderful courses the Cornhusker State has to offer.