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Oregon may indeed come as close to the origins of the sport as can be on this side of the Pond. The lush windswept shorelines and rugged terrain form the fabric of the original Scottish link courses. Effortlessly, the song comes to mind, the feel and essence of harmony with nature… and the courses are truly not so much built as they are discovered.

The most famous, astounding and breathtaking golf location in Oregon is Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, in Bandon, Oregon. Bandon Dunes' two courses ranked 4th and 6th amongst public courses, as well as 22nd amongst all courses (public and private) for the entire country! Bandon Dune's golf courses also seize the first two spots in the Top-Ten in the state. Bandon is indeed the place for a golfer to be, and a great place to begin and end any Oregon golf vacation.

Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes’ courses are all tightly related and corporate-owned. As you might imagine, the amenities are Scottish themed, with views of the course and the sea. Truly a one-stop resort destination, the game is served up richly and elegantly here, which only begins to explain why Bandon Dunes’ courses have received such a favorable response. To truly appreciate it you’ll have to visit firsthand. We’ll provide this glimpse of the underlying philosophy: "we believe that the game of golf is best experienced by walking with a caddie — truly, golf as it was meant to be. When you use a caddie, you're helping preserve a tradition 500 years in the making and giving hundreds of people the opportunity to perform their trade." We agree wholeheartedly, and feel sure that you will too. If there was ever a place to provide the richness and feel of Scotland in the United States, it’s there at Bandon Dunes in Oregon.

It’s simply not possible to contain the beauty or essence of Oregon in this one page. You’re best served to pick those courses which capture your attention and build your itinerary from there. What is certain is that a golf vacation in Oregon will prove memorable, rewarding and leave you with rich memories and a burning desire to return in the very near future. Isn’t that really what a golf vacation destination is supposed to be?