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Park City - Deer Valley - The Canyons

Park City for discounts on golf. Utah, isn't really known for golf vacations, but its reputation has been growing over the last several years. Most courses are private membership clubs, but the two public courses are popular with locals and visitors alike. The summertime high rarely gets above 80, which makes for great golfing weather. The courses in the area offer beautiful mountain views and gently sloping greens. Course Descriptions – The Park City Golf Course has more rounds of golf played there than any other course in the state of Utah, thanks to the Park City resort as well as nearby Deer Valley and The Canyons where people flock during the summer months to enjoy a variety of summer activities. The Park Meadows Golf Course which is nearby was designed by Jack Nicklaus, but is a private club designed for locals, so most visitors hit the municipal Park City course for an affordable 18 holes. The Promontory Ranch Club, also featuring 18-hole courses, has a private course designed by Nicklaus and another designed by Pete Dye that's open to the public. The Pete Dye Course and the Park City Golf Course are the only public courses in the area, and the Pete Dye Course at Promontory is the only course designed by Dye in the entire state. Glenwild is a very high-end, private golf course with a view of the Deer Valley ski resort. For the golfer who wants golf discounts and 18 holes on a budget, there are several small, public courses within about a 30-60 minute drive of Park City.

Deer Valley is a mountain resort in the Park City area, with wonderful, mild summertime temperatures usually sticking under 80 degrees, and a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. There is no course at the Deer Valley resort, but there are two public courses in Park City and some in nearby towns where locals and visitors play. The big golf scene in the area is made up of high-end membership clubs and private courses designed by golfing great Jack Nicklaus, with another one called Red Ledges in the pipeline. Course Descriptions – Locals that don't have memberships at the high-end private resorts like Park Meadows Golf Course, a Nicklaus-designed course and Glenwild that overlooks the Deer Valley Resort can enjoy great golf discounts at the more affordable courses. The Pete Dye Course at the Promontory Ranch Club is the only course Dye designed in the state of Utah, and offers an affordable 18 holes. And locals and visitors play more rounds of golf at the Park City Golf Course than are played at any other course in the state. Visitors who want to get in a round of golf and have come to enjoy Deer Valley, The Canyons or anything Park City has to offer flock to those public courses for easy tee times and discount golf play. Within an hour drive of Deer Valley Resort there are a variety of other municipal golf courses that locals and guests can enjoy.

The Canyons in Park City, Utah, is a place people come for a resort experience. Mild summer temperatures usually under 80 degrees and a beautiful alpine surrounding make it a great place to enjoy a summer vacation. Unlike some other destinations, the Park City area isn't a golfing vacation spot, but there are a couple of public courses available for those who'd like to get in 18 holes between other activities. There were plans to build a resort golf course right at the Canyons, but the plan has been on hold for years. Courses in the area are typically well-designed with slightly sloping to flat greens, lots of trees, water hazards and bunkers, and a great mountain view. Course Descriptions – There are a number of private courses in the area for members only like the high-end Glenwild, the Promontory Ranch course designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tuhaye that was designed by golf champion Mark O'Meara. The two courses in the area suitable for the casual to serious pay-as-you-go player or visitor are the Promontory Ranch Pete Dye course, which is the only course he designed in Utah, and the Park City Golf Course. These are public courses that offer enough challenge to keep any golfer satisfied. Golf coupons may be redeemable at these courses and the surrounding venues. Within about a 60 minute drive radius there are 5 or 6 other public or municipal golf courses available, but the best play in the area is undoubtedly for those who forego golf discounts and packages and choose membership at the posh private clubs.

Play and Stay – In addition to enough world-class lodgings and infrastructure to host the Olympics, Park City is surrounded by parks offering campsites, as well as private camping and RV opportunities. Family vacations can include golf as well as fishing, camping, hiking, boating, and all the rest of the myriad recreations found in Park City. Send the kids off while you play, or take them along to play with you!

Travel and Transportation: One of the things that made Park City such a popular choice for the winter games was the ease in which one can get to the place and its features. That's doubly true in warmer weather! Fly in to Salt Lake City, drive east on I-80, and you can be teeing off in under an hour! It just doesn't get any better or easier than that.

19th Hole Entertainment: Having hosted the Olympics, Park City has all of the infrastructure, restaurants, hotels, clubs and facilities already in place, and plenty of recent experience in domestic and international hospitality. Between that and all the natural attractions of the area, there's just no way you can run out of things to keep the excitement going. Said to be the most liberal city in Utah, it's a sure bet that you'll find Park City has everything you could possibly want, on the golf course and off!