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Devils Head

The beauty of the mountains is found in the Devil’s Head Resort in Wisconsin, providing plenty of opportunity for discount golf outings and competitive golf vacation packages and prices. Summers provide incredible beauty for the golf courses; the warm weather provides for green and lush links. The golf courses are actually located on a 1200 acre natural preserve; it simply does not get more beautiful than the surrounding area of Devils Head. The area is located within 3 hours of Chicago, making it easy to reach.

There are two separate golf courses to enjoy at Devil’s Head in Wisconsin, providing plenty of opportunities for the ups and downs of a golf game. Why not look for the perfect golf discount for The Prairie Glen Golf Course, the championship golf course in the resort? The 18 holes feature island greens and Scottish-style links, with plenty of challenging shots and diversity in scenery. The most iconic hole of the course features a full 120 foot drop, making for a beautiful and demanding hole.

The Glacier Golf Course is found in the Baraboo bluff, creating plenty of different changes and hazards. Golfers playing this course will find rock out-croppings, incredible elevation changes, and narrow fairways. Not for the faint of heart, Glacier Golf course features water hazards on seven different holes. The short course does not reward the power hitters; instead, it benefits players who have control of their shot placement.
Courtesy of Devilshead Resort